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Prijemni ispit i uslovi za upis na London School of Commerce, Belgrade

Konkursni rokovi za upis u školskoj 2020/2021 godini će biti objavljeni na ovoj stranici pošto se zvanično objave na sajtu Ministarstva prosvete i sajtovima visokoškolskih ustanova.

Application Guidelines


  • Completed LSC Belgrade Application Form in clear CAPITAL Letters
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Statement of Purpose Hand Written min. 200 words (Written & signed by the Student)
  • Photocopies of all your Mark sheets and Degree Certificates from High school onwards
  • Two Recommendation Letters from College/School/Employer (Originals)
  • Photocopy of your valid Passport or any other ID proof (Attested/Notarized)

Procedure for filling up the Application Form

  1. Tick the Course you are applying for.
  2. Your Name, Surname & DOB should be the same as it appears on your Passport.
  3. Home address, correct email address. It is mandatory to give one parent's mobile number in the space given for fax no. along with your personal mobile number and your home landline number.
  4. Academic Qualifications with the year of passing and percentage obtained should be clearly mentioned for all the years.
  5. Your work experience along with your job title should be mentioned. (Please enclose supporting documents)
  6. Please mention 2 academic references. (Need not be the same as the reference letters). DO NOT leave this section blank.
  7. Your statement of purpose or SOP should be handwritten and should be min 200 words. SOP should include matter such as, why you chose to pursue an MBA? Why UK? Why LSC? What would be your specialization? What will you be doing after you finish your MBA? and why do you think an MBA is the right course for you? If you hold a technical degree or a non relevant qualification then you need to justify your reasons to take up an MBA. Your SOP has to be written on a separate sheet of paper and in section 12 mention SOP ATTACHED.
  8. Please do not forget to sign the Student Questionnaire Page and the Terms & Conditions i.e. last page.

NOTE: The application form has to be filled in the student's own handwriting.

LSC WILL NOT process your application for admission if:

  • All the documents are not attested, in case your originals are not verified by our LSC offices physically.
  • The application form is incomplete and not signed.
  • The student questionnaire is not filled and signed
  • Any of the marksheets are missing or not readable. All the academic years' marksheets are mandatory.
  • Your passport photocopy is not submitted.
  • Statement of purpose is not submitted which has to be handwritten.

Please contact Admission Counselors for any clarifications.

Application Form

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