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Studijski program - Economics and Management

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Gradovi: Milano

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Cattolica offers the English-taught undergraduate degree in Economics and Management, aiming at offering the students a learning experience according to the most diffused International standards.

A diverse and multicultural class will enrich the students’ learning process. Classes are taught by instructors (professors, lecturers) with a strong academic background, most of whom have teaching and research experience at some of the world’s finest universities. The academic calendar is organized in three quarters (Fall, Winter and Spring terms). 

The Economics and Management program is designed to give the student the necessary tools for carrying out active roles in business decision processes by interpreting business phenome­na through the understanding of theories, quantitative analysis techniques and the most up-to-date institutional references. It also aims at developing skills, knowledge and abilities with re­ference to the administration and management of firms, the execution of functions and processes regarding the most important and critical areas of companies, the resolution of problems between functional areas.


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