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A passion for Swiss hospitality and American business management

Since its establishment in 1985, the Hotel Institute Montreux has forged an excellent global reputation thanks to the quality of its hotel management and business programmes, combining Swiss hospitality traditions with American business management practices. Specialisations in finance, marketing and human resources, endorsed by leading experts in these fields, are offered at Higher Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

The hotel management school is located in the heart of the lively French-speaking city of Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva, with the Alps and the vineyards of Lavaux providing a spectacular backdrop. Known for its Mediterranean-style microclimate, Montreux is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Hotel Institute Montreux provides a unique professional environment and a supportive learning experience, preparing students for careers in the international hospitality industry while fostering personal development. The business focus of the programmes opens doors to a wide variety of career options.

Hotel Institute Montreux is a member of the Swiss Education Group (SEG), a world-leading hospitality education network, and is 100% Swiss-owned, ensuring that students receive a first-rate Swiss education.


Outstanding programmes from Diploma to Master’s level

Hotel Institute Montreux offers a variety of outstanding academic courses, all taught in English, with qualifications ranging from Diploma to Master’s level.

Hotel Institute Montreux

During the intensive three-year programme, Bachelor’s students acquire in-depth knowledge of food and beverage and rooms division management, combined with international business management skills. Students earn a double Swiss and American degree awarded in partnership with Northwood University (USA).

The Postgraduate Diploma is designed for candidates with extensive managerial experience who are seeking new prospects in the world of hospitality. This comprehensive programme provides students with a broad theoretical understanding of hospitality business management.

The challenging Master’s degree develops hospitality management skills and business knowledge for students seeking executive-level positions in the global hospitality industry.


Professional and academic quality

All programmes comply with the stringent quality standards expected of Swiss institutions.

Hotel Institute Montreux is a member of the Swiss Hotel School Association (ASEH) and the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (CHRIE), and certified by eduQua, the Swiss quality label for further education institutions.

While studying for the Higher Diploma, students can apply for certification from the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA).

Classes are structured to ensure that all students interact intensively and receive a high level of individual attention. Diligent academic support allows students to benefit fully from their learning experience. Hotel Institute Montreux has four intakes each year: in January, April, July and October.

For students who need to improve their English-language skills before commencing their studies, the school provides an English Foundation Programme. Students also have the chance to take classes in French, German, Spanish or Mandarin throughout the year.


A perfect balance between theory and practice

All curricula combine theoretical courses with hands-on experience. Graduates are well prepared for the world of work thanks to an excellent understanding of the hospitality industry and extensive practical experience gained through internship placements in Switzerland and worldwide (4 to 6 months during each academic programme).

Hotel Institute Montreux

The Internship Office at Hotel Institute Montreux arranges first-year internships and assists second-year students in finding a placement. Internships are monitored and assistance provided as required.

In-house banquets and cultural events, planned and organised by students, as well as online business competitions and interactive workshops, provide extensive opportunities to put newly acquired skills into practice, develop professional knowledge and make learning fun.

The school’s lecturers hail from around the world and are internationally recognised practitioners with both academic and industry experience. They share a firm commitment to excellence and a passion for hospitality.


Learning from the world’s experts

Hotel Institute Montreux has established strong links with acclaimed industry partners. These provide the school with valuable feedback, allowing programmes to remain industry-relevant and graduates to secure prominent positions on the international job market.

Specialisations in finance, marketing and human resources are, respectively, endorsed by Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild, a private bank headquartered in Geneva, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the second largest annual jazz festival in the world, and Amathus Hotels, a group of five-star beach hotels and luxury resorts in Cyprus and Greece. Through workshops and guest lectures, students develop solid foundations in global business and benefit from industry professionals’ first-hand experience.


A bright future for hospitality careers

Having benefited from a practice-focused education, Hotel Institute Montreux graduates are particularly successful in the hospitality industry. Twice a year, students are given the opportunity to meet more than 60 hospitality leaders from around the world at the International Recruitment Forum (IRF), organised by SEG in Montreux. This major two-day event is considered an unmissable opportunity, allowing students to network with future employers and explore career opportunities before they complete their studies.

Furthermore, the Hotel Institute Montreux careers team is on hand to offer advice and guidance. The school has also developed an innovative online recruitment platform, connecting international recruiters with the managers of tomorrow and offering students a flying start in the global business.


An inspiring setting for hospitality training

Hotel Institute Montreux offers its students an extraordinary learning experience as well as a warm welcome. The school is housed in four former hotel buildings: Hotel Europe, Hotel Miramonte, Hotel Jura and Residence Rosemont, which have been renovated to provide cutting-edge accommodation and training facilities.

The main classrooms and most of the faculty are located in the academic centre next to the Hotel Europe. Senior students are based in the Miramonte building, a more business-oriented environment.

The public areas of the campus have been decorated with furniture made from recycled aircraft parts, offering students a creative and inspiring environment in which to study and socialise. All rooms on campus are fully furnished to the highest standards. Students may choose between double standard and single or double deluxe rooms with a view. The school boasts three student restaurants, a coffee lounge, a spa, study rooms and a well-equipped academic library along with 24-hour assistance.


Exceptional quality of life in the birthplace of hospitality

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland offers exceptional quality of life, a safe environment, some of the world's finest landscapes and the cultural heritage of a multilingual population.

Hotel Institute Montreux

Outside of the academic sphere, Hotel Institute Montreux organises sporting and leisure activities on campus, as well as excursions and course-relevant trips throughout Switzerland and Europe.

The train station, post office, shopping centres, cafés, restaurants and bars, as well as the lakeside, are within walking distance of the campus.

The Montreux region is surrounded by major tourist highlights such as Chillon Castle and the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Lavaux. From Montreux, students can take the GoldenPass panoramic train to the famous mountain resort of Gstaad, or visit the cheese and chocolate manufacturers in Gruyère.

Montreux is located one hour by train from Geneva International Airport, making it very accessible for both local and international visitors.


Broad cultural diversity and an extensive network that goes beyond studies

Each term, Hotel Institute Montreux welcomes up to 550 students from across the globe, creating a multicultural environment in which to study and live,

Hotel Institute Montreux graduates become part of the SEG alumni network, which brings together over 20,000 SEG graduates worldwide. It comprises 28 chapters in 25 countries. Regular meetings allow alumni to stay in touch, network and ultimately enhance their careers.

Hotel Institute Montreux


For further information please contact Ms Jovana Pejcic, Regional Manager Swiss Education Group at


Member of Swiss Education Group, a world-leading hospitality education network

Since 2011, César Ritz Colleges has been a member of the Swiss Education Group (SEG), a world-class hospitality education network. The Group’s core educational values are based on the excellence of the Swiss hospitality tradition, focusing on the practical aspects of hotel management. The Group’s five schools are situated in seven stunning campuses in both the French- and German-speaking regions of Switzerland. More than 6,500 students of over 120 different nationalities are welcomed each year.


Koliko je studiranje važno svima nam je dobro poznato. Obrazovanje je ključno za lični i profesionalni razvoj mladih ljudi, jer im pruža alate, znanje i veštine potrebne za uspeh u životu. Studiranje ne samo da omogućava sticanje specijalizovanog znanja iz određene oblasti već i razvija kritičko razmišljanje, analitičke veštine, sposobnost rešavanja problema i komunikacijske veštine.

Važno je napomenuti da se obrazovanje ne ograničava samo na formalno školovanje. Neformalno obrazovanje, kao što su samostalno učenje, kursevi i lični razvoj, takođe je od suštinske važnosti. Kroz neformalno obrazovanje mladi ljudi imaju priliku da istražuju različite teme, stiču nova znanja i veštine i neprekidno se usavršavaju u skladu sa promenama u društvu.

Studiranje van granica matične zemlje

Studiranje van granica matične zemlje, posebno kroz razmenu, predstavlja izvanredno iskustvo koje može imati značajan uticaj na mlade ljude. Razmena studentima omogućava da istraže nove kulture, jezike i načine razmišljanja, otvarajući im vidike i proširujući njihovo međunarodno razumevanje. Ova vrsta obrazovanja pruža mogućnost upoznavanja novih ljudi, izgradnje međunarodnih prijateljstava i umrežavanja sa kolegama iz celog sveta.

Postoji nekoliko ključnih prednosti studiranja van granica matične zemlje. Prvo, to je izuzetna prilika za lični rast i samostalnost. Studenti će biti izloženi novim izazovima i situacijama, što će im pomoći da postanu snalažljiviji, da se lakše prilagode i razviju veće samopouzdanje. Drugo, studiranje u međunarodnom okruženju pruža mogućnost da se stekne globalna perspektiva i interkulturalna komunikacija, što su ključne veštine u današnjem globalizovanom društvu. Treće, studiranje u stranoj zemlji otvara vrata za profesionalne mogućnosti širom sveta, povećava šanse za zapošljavanje i pruža konkurentske prednosti na tržištu rada. Četvrto, razmena studenata pruža priliku za upoznavanje novih metoda učenja i pristupa obrazovanju, što će obogatiti studentovo akademsko iskustvo. Osim toga, ovakvo iskustvo donosi i lične i kulturološke raznolikosti, što će studentima omogućiti da izgrade šire mreže kontakata i razumeju globalne probleme iz različitih perspektiva.

Značaj studijskih programa i karijerne mogućnosti

Studijski programi poput administracije i poslovnog menadžmenta nude izvanredne perspektive i važne doprinose u savremenom društvu. Ovi programi pružaju studentima široko razumevanje poslovnih principa, menadžerskih veština i strateškog razmišljanja. Studiranje administracije i poslovnog menadžmenta omogućava studentima da steknu temeljno znanje o organizacionim strukturama, finansijama, marketingu, ljudskim resursima i preduzetništvu.

Nakon završetka ovih studija studenti su spremni da se upuste u različite karijerne putanje. Navešćemo najznačajnija zanimanja kojima mogu da se bave.


Diplomirani studenti administracije i poslovnog menadžmenta imaju potrebne veštine za vođenje timova, planiranje i organizovanje poslovnih aktivnosti i donošenje strateških odluka. Oni mogu raditi kao menadžeri u raznim sektorima, uključujući korporativni sektor, neprofitne organizacije i javnu upravu.


Diplomirani studenti mogu se angažovati kao konsultanti za poslovno savetovanje, pružajući stručno znanje i savete organizacijama u vezi sa strategijom, operacijama, finansijama, marketingom i razvojem ljudskih resursa.

Finansijski analitičar

Studiranje administracije i poslovnog menadžmenta pruža studentima razumevanje finansijskih principa i analitičkih alata. Oni mogu raditi kao finansijski analitičari, pružajući analizu finansijskih podataka i predviđanja za kompanije i investitore.

Marketinški stručnjak

Diplomirani studenti mogu se baviti marketingom, razvijajući marketinške strategije, istraživanje tržišta, brendiranje i promociju proizvoda i usluga.


Studiranje administracije i poslovnog menadžmenta pruža studentima osnovna znanja o preduzetništvu i poslovanju. Oni mogu pokrenuti sopstveni biznis, razvijajući inovativne ideje i upravljajući svojim preduzećem.

Ovakvi programi često uključuju stvarne projekte u saradnji sa kompanijama, pružajući studentima priliku da primene svoje znanje u praksi. Takođe, ovi studijski programi često podstiču preduzetništvo i inovativnost, podržavajući studente u pokretanju sopstvenih biznisa. Nakon studija, diplomirani studenti administracije i poslovnog menadžmenta mogu se angažovati u različitim sektorima, kao što su bankarstvo, konsalting, trgovina, energetika, turizam i mnogi drugi.

Sve u svemu, studije administracije i poslovnog menadžmenta pružaju širok spektar mogućnosti za lični i profesionalni razvoj. Ovi programi su perspektivni i važni zbog svoje sposobnosti da razvijaju liderstvo, strateško razmišljanje i poslovnu ekspertizu. Studenti koji se odluče da se bave ovim pitanjima imaju priliku da steknu vredna znanja, veštine i iskustvo koje će ih postaviti na put ka uspehu u dinamičnom svetu poslovanja.

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