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The University American College Skopje (UACS) is driven by the basic principle that all people are enriched by education. The University puts the student into its focus. Emphasis is placed on professionalism and enhancing students’ ability to think creatively and critically, and to communicate effectively.

UACS is designed to provide the community with higher education, professional support to industry and government, and most notably, well trained young individuals prepared to enter the workforce market with professional and exceptional knowledge. The European and American educational programs offer innovative strategies and techniques to students, to distinguish themselves in the job market anywhere around the world.

The University American College holds a unique position on the market, offering quality higher education programs in the English language, as well as in the Macedonian language, within the chosen schools of the undergraduate and graduate studies. The programs attract native and foreign students, preparing them for work in the business sector and industry, governments and international organizations. UACS strives to participate in the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the European Research Area (ERA).

It is recognizable by its international academic staff, multicultural student environment and the international accreditations and collaboration.

UACS is also constituted as a “3G and 3I University”, meaning:

  • Exploitation of knowledge as a core business
  • Operates on an international, competitive market
  • Open University, collaborating with many partnersInternational Faculty
  • International student's body
  • International curricula, textbooks and teaching supplements
  • Transdisciplinary research and rise of University Institutes
  • Multi-cultural organizations, elite educationNo direct state financing
  • Network of a lifelong and continuous education
  • A leader in higher education and university research recognized by students, schools and scientists nationally and internationally for its academic quality


The University American College Skopje employs a higher education process that combines the best American and European educational experiences, using contemporary American textbooks and textbooks prepared by internationally recognized professors, case studies of leading brands and visiting lecturers with rich academic and practical experience.

Some of the University’s programs are internationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) from the USA and the European Council for Business Education from the European Union.

This represents a complement of the UACS mission, and enables greater mobility to students around the world since their degrees are proof for the curricula quality and execution, and the same are recognized in the USA, as well as in Europe. The MBA program in 2011 was ranked among the programs of the top ten universities from South and Eastern Europe by the eminent “CEO Magazine” for global MBA ranking. Some of the University’s professors were awarded for their research activity, such as PhD Tome Nenovski - winner of the “23 Oktomvri” state award for 2011 as a highest recognition of the long-year achievement for the Republic of Macedonia in the area of science and education, PhD Marjan Petreski - winner of the Olga Radzyner award and the youngest researcher award, PhD Nikica Mojsoska Blazevski - winner of the award for Best Research Paper in Macroeconomics for 2011.

The University American College Skopje represents the Republic of Macedonia in RESITA Net, a network of universities oriented towards Entrepreneurship and Innovations in South-East Europe. This collaboration among more than 13 universities from Germany, Austria, Slovenia and the Balkan countries helps the improvement of the academic spirit in Macedonia, the exchange of good management practices among entrepreneurship companies, the rate increase considering new businesses, the introduction of innovations in the small and medium enterprises and the support strategies for the family business inheritance.

UACS collaborates with a number of universities, associations and institutions such as: East Carolina University, Virginia International University from USA, John Cabot University, Italy; GEA College, Slovenia; Dauphine and Horizons Universities from France; Swiss Management Center; Gazi University from Turkey; Worms University from Germany and others.


Since its establishment in 2005 until present day, the University has become a leading educational institution in Macedonia, offering high-quality education with experts in theory and practice.

Being established as a School of Business Administration in 2005, today the University holds six units – Schools offering programs on Macedonian and English language for undergraduate and graduate studies.

The international accreditations obtained as a result of the determination for quality of the higher education are proving the quality of the educational and management process.


Learning and interaction with students and instructors takes place in a real campus environment, where students are able to access course materials, library services and consultations with the university staff.

UACS employs the European model of continuous education. This includes an accelerated baccalaureate degree program as well as extended studies at the graduate level. The programs for undergraduate and graduate levels are designed to be completed in 3+1+1 years, with the full option of transferring credits from the other accredited institutions.

The University offers programs in Macedonian and/or English language for undergraduate and graduate studies on the following schools:

  • School of Business Economics and Management,
  • School of Architecture and Design,
  • School of Computer Science and Information Technology,
  • School of Political Science,
  • School of Foreign Languages and
  • School of Law.

The University American College Skopje has recently launched the Executive Education program for upgrading knowledge and skills of the top managers, according to world standards.

Recent Development

In a less than a decade, the University has become the leading educational institution in Macedonia, offering high-quality education with experts in theory and practice.

The University’s library is supplied with contemporary literature, and provides access to the EBSCO electronic paper database with more than 500.000 titles of various scientific areas. This is great and a one-of-a-kind advantage for the students in their early stadiums of research activities.

Professors can also use literature and materials through direct access to the Harvard, Darden and Stanford Universities.

In order to enhance programs and enable further development of the academic staff, UACS has become a member of EFER – European Forum for Entrepreneurship Research since 2008.

Fifteen professors have become alumni of EFER, offering intensive programs for teaching through case studies and greater interaction with the students, in collaboration with the world prestigious business schools such as Harvard, IESE from Barcelona and the Warsaw School of Economics.

UACS has been awarding scholarships since the academic 2011/12 for students with high GPA from high school who don’t have the financial opportunity to cover the tuition. For that purpose, the University has established the Scholarship and Professional Development Foundation for awarding scholarships to those students.


Like any prestigious University, the University American College Skopje pays special attention to the promotion, strengthening its image and brand.

Its marketing strategy is oriented towards more communication channels with the clients. The motto “American way, American style, American college” is the driving force of the University’s marketing concept. In addition to the traditional media, the promotion is carried out through the social media being part of students’ everyday life, such as:, and, as well as the University’s web site

Round tables, panel discussions and conferences are often organized in order to promote the achievements and researches of the academic staff for support of the business community, where the students of American College take active participation and become familiar with the actual research issues.

UACS has been supporting and promoting the “Global Entrepreneurship Week”, “European SME Week”, and the “Energy Week” in Macedonia for many years, at the same time strengthening the support of the nongovernmental sector.

Brand Values

The University American College Skopje is well known to students, business community and the academic world in the country as well as in the region.

The UACS brand is based on the values of high quality education the combines the best American and European educational experiences, using contemporary American textbooks, and interactive process of acquiring knowledge and skills.

The UACS brand means prestige and high quality in the educational process. In addition, the University pays special attention to the community by including the social responsibility practices, and humanity, in its operation. The awards and recognitions are a proof for the good deeds.

As an additional value, this institution counts the excellent working conditions and further professional development of its staff. This includes academic staff improvement and encouraging scientific and research activities outside the country.

Things you didn't know about University American College Skopje

UACS is the only internationally accredited University in the Republic of Macedonia by several accreditation bodies: ACBSP – USA, ECBE – EU and YOK from Turkey (Turkey Higher Education Council).UACS is the only University which offers program in English language.UACS is the only University in the Republic of Macedonia awarded for corporate social responsibility.More than 130 companies from the Republic of Macedonia, operating in various areas, are members of the UACS Business Council.For more than seven years, UACS has been organizing international conference, and its importance for the scientific world is growing year by year.UACS is the only University that offers Executive Education trainings for top managers.UACS is the only University – SUPERBRAND for 2011/2012!

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