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  • CITY College becomes the first Campus of a top British university in the region: The University of York Europe Campus

Having reached 30 years since its establishment, we are proud to say, that City College is today a top-quality institution of high reputation serving the whole region and contributing to the development of its people and economies. It is a truly international institution with students from over 60 countries studying on programmes at its main campus in Thessaloniki and in 8 other countries across the wider region.

Building on our 30 years of achievement, we are entering a new era for CITY College.  We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with the University of York and that, from January 2021, CITY College becomes the University of York Europe Campus. At this time of Brexit, we are establishing a campus of a top British university in Europe, located in our region, to offer new education opportunities, advance research further and provide a gateway for students, scholars and staff.

As you may know, the University of York is one of the top Universities in the world, a member of the prestigious Russell Group of leading UK universities (the UK equivalent to Ivy League) and one of the world’s premier institutions for inspirational and life-changing research. The University’s focus on teaching and research excellence has resulted in consistently high rankings in the UK, in Europe and the world and a first-class reputation across the globe.

The Europe Campus of the University of York, CITY College will be an integrated entity of the University of York. It will be a physical presence of the University in Europe and a hub for the whole University to connect with academic, government and corporate networks throughout SE Europe and other European regions. The Campus will extend student mobility opportunities, provide new opportunities for shared learning and support staff mobility to engage in teaching and research. We intend to expand our existing research agendas and to develop new areas of research activity and extend opportunities for doctoral research. The range of teaching will be enriched with new academic departments and new programmes in new subject areas and provision will be offered to new audiences in new geographical areas.

This exciting development supports our strong desire to continue with our progression as a leading educational institution providing top quality UK education in the region. After a very successful partnership with the University of Sheffield and being proud of our accomplishments together, we have mutually agreed with the University of Sheffield to begin a phased ending of our relationship that will conclude by 2024 so that all current students have the opportunity to complete their studies.

I hope you will share our excitement about this very important step in our evolution to become the Europe Campus of the University of York. We will be the first campus of a top British university in our wider region giving us the opportunity to have a bigger impact and contribute further to the development of the people, societies and economies of SE European region and beyond.

Joint statement of the University of York and CITY College

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